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Termo lux™

Anthracite coal in 25 kg bags

Anthracite coal in 25 kg bags

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Anthracite coal is a high-quality solid fuel from Termo lux™. These coals stand out with their exceptional calorific value and purity, making them the most efficient and reliable fuel for heating and other applications.

The benefits of anthracite coal:

High calorific value: Anthracite coal has an exceptionally high heat energy content, making it highly efficient for heating homes and buildings.

Low moisture content: Its low moisture value ensures more efficient burning and reduces the risk of deposits forming in heating systems.

Low ash content: Anthracite coal has very low ash content after burning, making maintenance and cleaning of heating appliances easier.

Extended burn time: Due to its high density and purity, anthracite coal ensures a prolonged and steady burning process, resulting in less frequent refueling.

Environmentally friendly source of fuel: Anthracite coal is naturally formed fuel without additives or impurities, making it environmentally friendly and naturally appealing.

Sulfur content: up to 1%
Ash content: up to 10%
Volatile matter: up to 5%


*the price of pallet - 12 BGN., pallet wrap foiling - 5 BGN.




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