About us

About our company :

  • For over 20 years, the company has been successfully engaged in the trade of solid fuels. It is a major importer of anthracite and Donbass coal from Ukraine and Russia,Turkey. 
  • The import of coal is carried out through the Danube River port of Ruse, where the company has its own office and representatives. For larger shipments, the ports of Varna, Burgas and Ruse are used.
  • The company has its own base in the city of Ruse, where a factory for briquetting coal fines from Donbass coal has been established. The briquettes are produced using French technology and predominantly French equipment, meeting all European standards. They can be used in industrial installations as well as in all types of stoves and heating boilers. The briquettes and coal are also packaged in various sizes using an Italian automated packaging machine with electronic weight measurement.
  • The briquetting factory has a powerful crushing and pressing department where coal can be crushed and fractionated according to customer requirements.

Business activities:

  • Import-Export-Re-Export of solid fuels - black coal, anthracite coal and briquettes.
  • Production of briquettes from coal fines.